Прогноз курса евро на апрель 2019 мнение экспертов и аналитиков, последние новости

Если в их словах будет звучать уверенность в перспективах для европейской экономики, евро опять вырастет в цене. Аналитики кредитного агентства Morgan&Stanley утверждают, что рост евро по отношению к рублю не превысит отметки в 80 руб. Первый замминистра экономического развития России Илья Торосов 30 января заявил, что в Минэкономразвития в 2023 году ожидают курс на […]

Understanding How Credit Cards Work: a Complete Guide

However, some card issuers go beyond the law to extend additional consumer protections. Corporate credit cards are designed to meet the needs of established companies—typically those with at least $4 million in annual revenues, 15 or more card users, and projected charges of $250,000 or more each year. While most businesses, including sole proprietorships, can […]

Heroin Metabolism in the Body: How Heroin Affects the Brain INFOGRAPHIC

In particular, heroin and other MOP agonists are thought to increase dopamine concentrations in the terminal regions of the meso-striatal dopaminergic system by binding MOP located on inhibitory GABAergic neurons, hence disinhibiting dopamine neurons [143,144,145]. Yet, experimental evidence does not support the notion that the rewarding effects of heroin are mediated by dopaminergic transmission. […]